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2022 Commissions

2023 commissions will open in spring. Feel free to message me here or send me an email to discuss your idea.


Please note, I do not paint people or pet portraits. My specialty is creating representational and impressionistic oil paintings of special places and things - landscapes, homes or structures, gardens, a favorite vacation spot, your dad's fishing boat, your pet's favorite toy, still life, etc. I can work from photos and your memories.

How it works: You contact me with your idea for a commissioned painting. We discuss everything - your expectations, size options framing options, time frame, price, and even color palette.

Once we come to an understanding, I will take whatever photos and memories you provide and create a sketch using my own imaginative lens. You will review the sketch and either request revisions or approve.

Next, I create the painting based on all of the above. I will share progress pics with you and only you - I do not share commissioned paintings on my web site or social media until after you have received it (and the recipient has seen it), and you approve my sharing it. 

The approval process from the sketch stage, the size of the painting, and the complexity of the subject will all determine how long it takes to create a finished piece for you to approve. For example, a small 6" x 8" painting might take one-two weeks including all of the above, but a 16" x 20" might take three-four weeks.

Also remember that I work in oil paint, which requires a long time to dry. Please allow three weeks minimum for the drying and varnishing process before the painting can be picked up or shipped. Depending on the techniques used, this process might need more time (for example, thick impasto finishes of thick paint will require up to another 2-3 weeks to dry enough for the varnish process).

Once the painting is dried, varnished, (and framed if you choose), you may pick it up or I can ship it to you for a shipping charge

that includes secure packaging.

Payment will be due in full once you approve the final painting (before the drying, varnishing, framing, and shipping/delivery). I accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, check, or cash for this work.

Please take a look at my Shop to get a sense of my style and favorite subjects. And then if you would like to work with me, reach out and let's start the conversation.

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