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Artist Statement and Bio

Amanda is a self-taught, award-winning, representational oil painter who began seriously working with oil paint in December 2019.


She will often select limited palettes of unusual color combinations to achieve the emotional impact she wants the viewer to feel. Amanda imbues each landscape, nocturne, and flower painting with her love for the natural space, using a variety of strokes, blending, glazing, and palette knife work to compose scenes that capture the essence of the real space, reimagined through her own lens.

Her work has juried into several regional and national shows since she started competing in 2021, and her 10" x 10" oil painting, "Dogwood Reverie" not only won Best Beginner in the Plein Air Salon competition in 2022, but also juried into the highly competitive (4% acceptance rate) Art of the State at the State Museum of Pennsylvania (September 2023 - January 2024). 

Her previous experience with landscape photography for two decades informs her understanding of composition and design, and she loves the freedom in painting that allows her to choose which elements to include and which to leave out in order to simplify a scene. Her expressive and colorful paintings are representational and slightly impressionistic.

From Amanda: "My artwork pulls out beauty from the mundane, elevating common scenes to imaginative and beautiful reveries. Always representational and expressive with hints of impressionism, I play with design, composition, and colors in order to capture the feeling I had when viewing any given scene or subject."

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Read her Feb. 2022 interview with Emmaus Public Library.

Amanda with "Dogwood Reverie" at State Museum of Pennsylvania

Art of the State, State Museum of Pennsylvania, 2023

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